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The McDonough family restaurants

The Homestead Restaurant in Bristol, New Hampshire represents the original homestead of Benjamin Emmons. The large two-story frame house built by Emmons, circa 1788, is said to be the oldest house standing in the town of Bristol. Benjamin Emmons was a prominent man in his day. He was a revolutionary soldier from New Chester (now known as Bristol) and after the war was active in the militia. Here he kept a tavern and for the price of 12 cents you could have a bowl of porridge and chance to sleep on the floor. His descendants lived here for generations. Today the McDonough family opens its doors to offer the finest of today’s food and beverage and a glimpse at the past.

   Three dining rooms make up the first floor of the original structure. The wide pine board floors and original fireplaces greet you as you take a step back in time. Since the Homestead first opened in 1979, the need for more seating was satisfied with the addition of two more dining rooms. The main dining room offers floor to ceiling views of the backyard, while the patio room offers lots of light with its many southern windows. Whichever room you choose, you are sure to encounter a wonderful dining experience.

   Built in 1790, the structure that is now the Homestead in Merrimack, NH was part of the original Smith Farm and is a fixture on the town’s heritage tour of Reeds Ferry. The Merrimack Homestead opened in 2010 where Silo’s Steakhouse had operated for the previous 15 years. The Homestead has become a local favorite where you can enjoy fireside dining in the winter and outdoor dining in the summer with friendly service and top quality food year round.