Plan your next event with us! Nothing pleases us more than to watch our guests indulge in our food, relax at their own event and leave satisfied with cravings for their next event with us. Our mission is simple: provide delicious food, fresh and creative menu options and a distinctive second-to-none service experience. We are passionate about the food we provide and proud of the services we offer! Our Merrimack facility has a private room that can accommodate approximately 40 guests, depending on the type of event that you plan to have.  We reserve this room for lunch and “off-peak” evenings.




Q: Do you charge a room fee?

A: We don’t charge a room fee; however, we do require a minimum spent on food and beverage (Dinner Min. $600, Lunch Min. $300).

Q: Do you provide linen for the table?

A: Upon request, we can provide linen.  There is a $25 charge.

Q: How is bar service handled?

A: All beverages will be handled by your servers.  We can include all beverages on the final bill, or on a “cash bar” basis.

Q: Are we allowed to decorate the room?

A: Yes, you can bring in decorations.  We do ask that you refrain from nailing, or screwing anything into the walls (thumb tacks are okay).

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